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Commercial Energy Solutions

We help local businesses not only save money on their monthly electricity bills, but also enable them to provide a more green solution with plenty of tax benefits

Why work with us?

With decades of combined experience across the solar industry, we have the ability to install virtually any system you may require for your business. Through our trustworthy providers, contractors, and facilitators; we can bring you the best rates with the best service possible.

Financial Incentives

From $0 down financing options to having 70% - 110% of your project covered by incentives, our team can help you navigate through the processes

Best Providers

We only use the highest quality materials from the best companies in the industry. We can also guarantee some of the best rates.

Reliable Contractors

We've finished all of our projects with near perfect history. We can take care of all the talent needed for your project!

Turnkey Service

Our team can help you navigate the complicated process of having the systems permitted and installed from start to finish.

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Scalable Savings

Instead of wasting your money on the energy providers' profit, why not take control of your energy arrays and invest in your property?

Tax Incentives

There are tens of thousands of dollars of federal and state incentives available for solar and other renewable energy sources. Our team can help you navigate through them.

Energy Independence

Going solar will allow you to keep your business running regardless of the condition of the grid, the local prices, and most other factors. Our team of experts can help you manage your energy better.

Environmental Impact

You will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by thousands of tons of CO2 produced simply by switching over to solar.

Financing your project

Take advantage of our low interest,  $0 down finance options. Terms are customizable for any size and type of project. Put our money to work for you and keep your capital resources available for other business needs.

We are experts in helping businesses, manufacturers, farms, ranches, and even 501-c non-profits maximize all of the Federal tax and grant incentives available.

We have the experience, resources and understanding to help you navigate through the federal policies and recover anywhere from 70% to 110% of the cost of your project.

Energy management services:

We have the ability to deploy revolutionary and cutting edge technology that will

- Eliminate spikes, Dips and Surges in your electrical system
- Balance three-Phase voltages, boost System Voltage,
- Reduce Harmonic Distortion,
- Reduce kW & kVA demand, reduce kWh consumption, reduce amperage, Improve power factor
- Prevent Damage to Sensitive Equipment
-Reduce Carbon Footprint

We offer a variety of solutions to help reduce power consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company invest in commercial solar?

Most companies' biggest motivation to go solar is the money they’ll save by reducing monthly power bills and freeing up capital that can be diverted elsewhere or added to their bottom line. Current commercial solar incentives, like the 26% federal investment tax credit, make the savings even better.

How much does a commercial solar energy system cost?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for commercial solar. Every system is unique. Arriving at a price begins with your goals and incorporates key structure details such as roof space and necessary infrastructure additions.

How do I estimate my company's potential savings?

The more panels your building can accommodate, the greater the savings potential. In short, arriving at a savings estimate is simply a matter of adding up your total energy use and subtracting the production potential offered by your rooftop space.

What types of buildings are compatible with Solar?

Nearly all buildings are compatible with solar, so long as the roof is structurally sound and has enough space to accommodate panels and racking. Ground mounts or solar carports are a good alternative for smaller facilities with limited roof space. You must own the building. If you are leasing the facility, the installation would need to be approved by the building owner.

What incentives are there for commercial solar?

The three most common commercial solar incentives are the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), MACRS investment depreciation, and USDA REAP grants. Get in touch with our team for more info today.

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